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Last night the self proclaimed ‘King of the South’ T.I. sat down with Larry King and candidly spoke about his life, prison, his weapon purchases, advice to young people, his relationship with wife Tiny and lots more. TIP remained composed throughout the entire interview despite King’s intrusive questions.

The Internet was buzzing as the interview happened. Avid Twitter fans “tweeted” their shock and surprise at the rapper’s professionalism as well as their support for him.

T.I. admitted that spending so much time in prison allowed him to truly think about his life and his decisions. The interview was the first time the Atlanta rapper opened up publicly about his stint in jail. It was truly an in depth look at how he has changed, and his mentality.

Currently the ‘King of the South’ is in the studio working on his seventh album “King Uncaged.”

Watch Larry King interview T.I. below:

Photos: PicApp