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Suri Cruise, who turned two last month, was spotted drinking from a bottle earlier this week while strolling Madison Avenue in New York with mom Katie Holmes.

According to doctors, Suri should have been off the bottle by age 1, and most certainly by 18 months.

Dr. Charlotte Cowan, thinks Suri’s constant traveling could be the reason she hasn’t moved on to a sippy cup.

“When babies are challenged, their diet is upset, their sleep is upset,” Cowan says. “They will regress back to previous habits … lingering with a bottle is comforting. You could argue that her parents have decided that this is not the time to try to wean her off if they’re traveling frequently.”

I straddle the fence on this issue. Although I am not an advocate of traumatizing a toddler by taking away a bottle altogether if they aren’t ready, I do think a sippy cup should at least be introduced to the child by this point.

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