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This week the Saturday Night Live cold open featured ensemble cast members Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah in a press conference parody of House Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama.

The skit was set up as a joint statement to announce their final agreement to avert the dreaded Fiscal Cliff with a zero tax increase.

Obama did most of the talking and hand gesturing while Boehner, “the poor orange man,” had to be coaxed into sharing the sad tale of what his fellow Republicans have done to him.

POTUS said, “I agreed that there will be no tax increases. Now, why would I do that? I mean, I won the election. I had the leverage. Why give in? Well, simply put, I felt sorry for this man.”

The president detailed the terrible treatment Boehner had received at the hands of his party when they feared he would cave and concede to a tax hike on the rich. “They pulled his pants off, pushed him into the congressional women’s bathroom and held the door closed from the outside, forcing him to cover his genitals with one hand and his butt crack with the other.”

Check out the video clip below:

Photo: Video Screen Grab