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It is hard to believe that such a big voice comes out of such a meek and mild girl. Siobhan Magnus was often compared to last year’s first runner-up Adam Lambert, and vocally that makes sense. But off the stage, she is extremely calm and quiet…unlike Mr. Lambert.

She just kind of seems to go with the flow. If you didn’t know how amazing her voice was, you could easily overlook her in a room full of people.

Siobhan did have some advice for next season’s crop of AI contestants. She highly encourages them to not read anything printed about themselves. She expresses that people can be very judgmental and critical but they have no idea what the contestants are actually going through, which she feels is unfortunate.

Siobhan has an interesting sound, and is obviously talented – but she lacks star quality, and that can be a career killer. Girlfriend needs to bring it all the time, including in interviews. Successful artists are not just good singers but also great personalities, something that Simon Cowell constantly preaches to all of the hopefuls throughout the competition.

One of Siobhan’s best performances of Season 9 was “Paint It Black“. The talented singer ended up in 6th place, and was eliminated on April 28, 2010.

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Photos: Danni Starr – Bitten and Bound