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On the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the country is again united in our collective grief. We remember the families of those who died.

In his weekly address to the nation, Barack Obama said: “We mourn with husbands and wives, children and parents, friends and loved ones. We think about the milestones that have passed over the course of nine years — births and christenings, weddings and graduations — all with an empty chair.”

To mark this year’s observance, we have gathered some of the iconic images from the horrific events of that day in 2001. A series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, caused the crash of a jetliner near Shanksville, Pennsylvania and resulted in massive destruction at the Pentagon.

The first plane strike occurred at 8:46 a.m. and the last of the four hijacked jetliners hit its target at 10:28 a.m. Nineteen hijackers caused the deaths of 2,977 victims, and injuries to 6,000 others.

Check out the grim photos and statistics – by the numbers below: