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American Idol season 10 winner Scotty McCreery fell off stage during a concert in New York Friday night while opening for country singer Brad Paisley.

Mcreery was uninjured and hopped back up onstage to continue the show, then good-naturedly shared video of the mishap with his fans on Twitter.

Jokingly pointing a finger at Paisley for his fall into the audience at the Bethel Woods Center of the Arts, the 18-year-old tweeted, “Dagum @BradPaisley pranked me again.. he narrowed up the stage on me for my last song….. #MeetTheCrowdNight #ImOk.”

“If anybody wants a good laugh…” McCreery tweeted along with the video.

Notorious prankster Paisley made sure his tour-mate stayed safely onstage the following night by placing traffic cones and caution tape around the stage.

Ironically, Paisley also fell off stage last year and landed in the hospital.

See video of Brad Paisley’s fall

Watch video of McCreery’s fall below.