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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got punked in a big way today by an alternative news blogger from Buffalo. The Republican, in his first term, spent 20 minutes chatting it up with a man claiming to be conservative billionaire David Koch, co-owner of Koch Industries — the second largest privately held company in the U.S.

Walker is currently battling public employee unions amid massive teacher protests at the State Capitol in Madison. Fourteen Democratic Senators have been hiding out of state since last Thursday – preventing a vote quorum on the issue of eliminating collective bargaining rights for pensions and health-care. The move is intended to help balance the state budget, which faces a projected $3.6 billion shortfall.

In the candid conversation with the phony Koch, Walker outlined strategy for dealing with the wayward lawmakers, potential state worker layoffs, a plan to lie to Senate Democrats, and planting fake protesters to cause trouble.

Walker isn’t the first politician to be duped. Sarah Palin fell for an embarrassing prank call, reportedly from French President Nicolas Sarkozy, while she was running for V.P. on the McCain ticket.

Check out the entire exchange between Walker and his prankster on the two videos below: