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As Jesse James’ mistress count continues to rise, reminiscent of the Tiger Woods scandal, it looks like there is finally some good news. Hollywood love gone bad usually spells a costly divorce, but that apparently would not be the case for our girl Sandra Bullock, who is the top earning box office star of 2009!

The talented actress has been extremely smart and savvy. If Sandra does go through with a divorce, she will keep all of her money! It turns out the actress and her CEO husband had a prenuptial agreement that kept both property and assets separate.

Well, that’s a relief! Although Jesse and Sandra did share a home in Orange County, the house belongs to James. Bullock has a home of her own in the Hollywood Hills and another in Texas.

The actress was recently quoted as saying she would have handled the Tiger cheating situation a little differently if she were Elin. Ironically she is now in Elin’s position and remains in hiding. The mistress count is mounting: Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, Melissa Smith, and Brigitte Daguerre.

This entire scandal is very sad but we applaud Sandra for the prenup! Being heartbroken is bad enough, but heartbroken and broke….a disaster.

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