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Rumors have been circulating that Usher Raymond has a lot more going on than a brand new CD. Allegedly Usher’s new, much older girlfriend, former Def Jam executive Grace Miguel, is carrying his baby and they are planning a wedding. While this may seem like something to celebrate, it’s actually a lot of drama. Usher just divorced his wife Tameka Foster in November and they have two young children. Oh…and lest we forget, Grace is still legally married.

The singer and his new lady love were recently spotted in a park in Atlanta with his kids but the couple refused to be photographed together. People are speculating that Usher is probably trying to keep everything under wraps in order to keep the focus on his new album “Raymond Vs. Raymond”, which sold 330,000 copies in just one week.

Ex-wife Tameka did not take kindly to the rumors and took to her Twitter page to express her anger, “I thank u ALL 4 ur CONFIRMATION that Im dealing w/a pure ******** dude.. How did this happen? What part of the game is this? SMH Never again.”

Since the rumors have begun to run rampant, Usher’s rep has come forward to report that things have been exaggerated and there is no truth to the rumors. In that case, somebody should probably alert Tameka so she can stop her Twitter rampage! It’s really not surprising that the rumor developed. After all, Usher does have a track record of dating and even marrying older women and keeping everything a secret for as long as possible. See her pic below.

One thing is certain, expect another great CD to come out of all of this. Usher has always been an artist who has used his life experiences as inspiration for his music.

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