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American rock band Journey is heading to Tampa on Thursday for a private 90-minute fundraising gig paid for by the Republican National Committee on behalf of their presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The ‘Anyway You Want It’ band members have agreed to perform at the Republican Creative Coalition Gala, for the tidy sum of $500,000. The band claims no political affiliation with the GOP and considers it just another concert.

Current members include Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, Deen Castronovo and Arnel Pineda.

White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi will be watching from backstage as Schon performs at the high profile event to be held at the Pavilion at Liberty Plaza.

The fame seeker made headlines yet again when she abandoned her husband Tareq Salahi in September 2011 and literally ran away with the band and her secret lover. The couple has since divorced.

Photos: JLN Photography-WENN