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Gorgeous plus-size model Crystal Renn began modeling at the age of 14 and was told that to make it as a model she would have to lose weight and trim 9 inches off her hips.

Thus began Renn’s battle with anorexia, which she documented in her memoir Hungry in 2009.

These days, with her eating disorder conquered, Renn is enjoying tremendous success as a stunning size 10 – which this writer considers more ‘normal-size’ than plus-size.

Last month, Renn walked in Zac Posen‘s ZSpoke show in New York City. Now, she’s tearing it up in Paris, walking in Zac Posen’s ready to wear show, as well as walking the runway for major labels Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel.

“This has been one of the most amazing times of my life,” Renn, 24, told People Magazine on the phone from Paris. “I’ve done one show before, usually as a special guest, but to be working this much is incredible.”

Renn says that, while she is still “different from most of the girls at the castings,” there has been a “real breakthrough” in the way she is treated these days.

“I’m here being treated like any other girl. It doesn’t matter my size. It doesn’t matter who I am. I’m going on castings like everybody else.”

She also says there is more diversity on the runway now.

“When I first started, the girls were all blonde, all emaciated and miserable looking,” she says. “Now, there’s more ethnic diversity. The girls are not as skinny as before. You do see size 6s and a couple size 8s. There is change happening in the industry. There is more allowance for people to be different. I’m so impressed. I can’t wait for next season.”

In July, Crystal sat down with Meridith Vieira on The Today Show to talk about some photos that were retouched to make her look like a size 2 – check out the video and more photos below:

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