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Last night a photographer was killed while taking photos at the scene of a traffic stop involving the car of Justin Bieber.

A California Highway Patrolman pulled over Bieber’s distinctive white Ferrari on a speeding violation at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday along the northbound 405 Freeway. The vehicle was on loan to an unidentified friend of the pop singer.

While the officer had the car stopped, a photographer crossed the busy L.A. highway on foot and was standing on a narrow divider in order to capture photos of the traffic stop despite being repeatedly warned by the cop that he was in danger of being struck by traffic.

A southbound vehicle driven by a woman with two small children in the backseat did strike the man, who was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center shortly after the crash.

A police investigation is underway. Watch commander Madeline Nightingale indicated that drugs and alcohol were not a factor and the woman who hit the white male in his late 20’s was not ticketed.

The spokeswoman verified, “From what we understand, the car was owned by Justin Bieber, but he was not in the vehicle at the time.”

Photo Credit: WENN