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Rocker Ozzy Osbourne takes exception to the use of his music by Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, an independent Baptist church and hate group known for its anti-homosexuality propaganda and protest activities, which include picketing soldiers’ funerals and desecrating the American flag.

The church, which was founded by Fred Phelps, is currently waging a Supreme Court battle to continue their protests at military funerals, during which they attempt to make a connection between the wars and the United States’ tolerance of homosexuality and abortion. The case pits the church members’ right to free speech, however abhorrent and bizarre, against the rights of the family to grieve in peace.

Church members sang lyrics from ‘Crazy Train’ at a press conference following a Supreme Court hearing in Washington, D.C. – with emphasis on the line, “you’re going straight to hell on your crazy train.” Protesters told reporters the deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are “punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality and abortion”.

“I am sickened and disgusted by the use of ‘Crazy Train’ to promote messages of hate and evil by a ‘church,” Ozzy said.

Check out the disturbing video of an interview with a Westboro family below: