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This is the third time that late night television personality Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick have put their divorce plans on hold. They have decided to give it one more try according to TMZ.

In a quick recap of the divorce saga, Shawn suspected Larry of cheating on her with her very own sister. Either the affair turned out not to be true or Shawn is willing to put that aside. Larry filed for divorce on April 14th. King is now moving back to their Beverly Hills mansion for a one week trial period, which they say could go longer if all goes well.

Sounds like there would be a lot of walking around on egg shells. What should really be said here is that the two have reconciled, and a month from now, when things aren’t going as planned, we can once again say that they have decided to go their separate ways.

Nearly every day since their split, they have been seen together at their sons sporting events. We know that seems like a natural thing but they continue to display affection for each other in a very public way, which isn’t usually what you would expect from a newly separated couple.

This is Larry’s seventh wife and eighth marriage. We wish them the best!

See recent video of the couple groping each other, with commentary by Jimmy Kimmel below:

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