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The leader of the free world had an opportunity to interject a brief bit of impromptu comedy while speaking at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit. He was moving along well with his prepared text when a clatter sounded and Obama quickly realized that his presidential seal had crash to the floor and rolled away noisily.

He craned his head around the side of the lectern and smirked before delivering a series of one-liners – with several well placed pregnant pauses for effect.

The prez quipped: “Oops, oh goodness… That’s all right. All of you know who I am… But I’m sure there is somebody back there that’s really nervous right now… ha ha ha… Don’t you think? They’re sweating bullets back there right now… ha ha ha … Where were we?”

This is certainly not Obama’s first attempt at stand-up. He and Jay Leno traded humorous zingers back in May at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Check out the amusing photo and video from Tuesday’s Fortune event below:

Photos: Reuters – Jason Reed