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Eric Braeden a D-bag? Neil Patrick Harris thinks so…

Neil Patrick Harris took to his Twitter page to vent against soap star Eric Braeden. It seems the Young and the Restless actor agreed to do a quick cameo appearance and then at the very last moment opted out.

NPH ‘tweeted’: “Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. The actor, Robin’s dad, agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough. We’ve recast with Ray Wise, a fantastic actor who makes any part ‘substantial’. Super excited to welcome him to the family!”

After a cooling off period of two hours, the How I Met Your Mother star began to suffer from a serious case of ‘tweeters remorse’: “Now I feel bad for the D-bag comment. Don’t know the guy personally. I’m just fiercely protective of our show.”

This isn’t the first time Harris has spouted off and then recanted. He did the same thing to Britney Spears in 2008–suggesting she should be banned from the set. CBS came down hard and NPH backpedaled frantically while assuring the entire universe that he was not a Britney basher.

Photos: WENN