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Frustrated teacher under siege for speaking candidly …

Pennsylvania teacher Natalie Munroe has been suspended with pay after Central Bucks East High School officials in Doylestown discovered that she had been bad-mouthing students online with comments like “out of control” and “disengaged, lazy whiners.”

The 30-year-old has been blogging about her classroom experiences for over a year and felt she had sufficiently cloaked herself against the prying eyes of her students by identifying herself simply as Natalie M on her blog, and never identifying the school where she worked or putting names to any of her problem children. She made one fatal error – she posted her photo.

Natalie, still under suspension while the powers-that-be decide her fate, has been led to believe that she will be terminated. Her lawyer, Steve Rovner, believes that his client was simply engaging in freedom of speech rhetoric and indicates that they will pursue legal action if Munroe is fired.

Natalie has now begun blogging under her own name at natalieshandbasket. What you will read there are new details of what transpired last Wednesday when she arrived at school – thinking that all was well. Check out Bloggate Day 1 – The Scandal Begins:

For obvious reasons, she has taken down the other blog but we do have some of the 39 reported comments that she suggested might be great conversation starters at school conferences. Suffice it to say — these little gems caused the proverbial doo-doo to hit the fan.

We’ve cherry-picked some of our favorites for your review. Check them out below and listen to what she has to say in her own defense on the video below: