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Natalie Mendoza (L) and T.V. Carpio (R) at Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark opening night preview.

Lead actress Natalie Mendoza is leaving Broadway’s “Spider’Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

According to sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Mendoza, who suffered a concussion during the musical’s first preview performance last month, is currently hammering out exit agreement details with producers, and an official statement could come as early as Tuesday.

Mendoza, 30, was injured on November 28, when she was hit in the head by a rope holding a piece of equipment. She has been under a doctor’s care, and on Sunday, wrote on her Facebook page that she was grateful to be down to two nausea tablets and four painkillers per day to cope with her concussion. “Nice to be almost back to normal … almost anyway haha! Thanking God for peace, real friends, love and health and healing.”

The $65 million production has suffered several setbacks due to accidents, the most recent on December 20, when actor Christopher Tierney fell 20 feet from a platform just before the end of the performance due to a faulty harness. Tierney remains hospitalized for injuries including a hairline fracture in his skull, a broken scapula, a broken bone close to his elbow, four broken ribs, a bruised lung and three fractured vertebrae.

Ms. Mendoza’s departure from the show has not been confirmed at this time.