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The FBI electronically provided the dental records of Natalee Holloway to a forensic team at The Hague on Wednesday.

Part of a jawbone and tooth were found last Friday by an American tourist staying at a large resort on the western side of Aruba. The prosecutor said that the remains were initially examined by a forensic expert in Aruba, who determined the bone was from a young woman.

Beth Twitty, Natalee’s mother, is currently in Peru, where she made a second visit to Castro Castro prison to speak with Joran van der Sloot. As seen in the video below, she presented him with a Milky Way candy bar and asked him to tell her what happened to her daughter. He agreed to think about it and requested her address so that he can write her a letter.

CNN’s Nancy Grace questioned Linda Allison, the missing woman’s aunt, about the current lab analysis of the human remains that might be those of Natalee Holloway.

Check out another photo and several video reports below: