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Mark Kerrigan, the brother of former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, has been indicted by the Middlesex Superior Court Grand Jury on charges including manslaughter after an alleged attack led to his father’s death in January.

Kerrigan, 45, was arrested on January 25 for assault and battery at the family’s Massachusetts home. His father Daniel Kerrigan died about an hour after the alleged altercation and his death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner.

View video of Kerrigan’s arrest here:

District Attorney Gerry Leone said that Kerrigan went into a “drunken rage” after not being allowed to use the family telephone and his rage led to his “committing the malicious acts that led to the death of his elderly father.”

The Kerrigan family issued a statement, saying they continued to support Mark.

“We are deeply disappointed at the continued prosecution of Mark Kerrigan. We disagree with the decision to indict and look forward to the facts being considered by an impartial jury. The Kerrigan family continues to believe that he is not responsible for the death of their beloved Daniel Kerrigan.”