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Always searching for someone to listen to him, Michael Lohan is at it again. This time he is sending some advice to actor Charlie Sheen in an open letter.

The Two and a Half Men star has been partying a lot lately and appears to be getting more than his share of media attention. We’re not here to judge — we like to sit back and watch it all play out. Not so for Michael Lohan though … he wants to be right in the middle and will take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Open Letter:


I have been wanting to speak to you for some time.

I know that you and Emilio both know Lindsay, and while I can’t say the same about knowing you, I can say that I do know the path, the pain and what you, your dad and the rest of your family have been going through. Both as an addict and a father, I have seen, felt and caused the pain. I have struggles just like the rest of us.

People I admire, such as Jane Velez Mitchell (in her book Addict Nation) and Dr. Drew, believe that we live with a disease. The problem between addiction and other diseases is that addiction is selfish, it’s a lie, and addiction takes over lives in so many ways.

And while, there is NO CURE for addiction, we can overcome it and control it like Lindsay has. BUT it’s up to you.”

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“Just look at the damage you’re causing Charlie. Not only to yourself, but to others. Look at your beautiful kids, Denise, Brooke and your family. I look at the same with Dina, my children and others.

The network may be behind you and you may still have a job, but things won’t last forever. God keeps knocking and giving you favors, but the chances will come to an end, and the leash will snap, and then you will be gone. Don’t do that. Like Lindsay, you are blessed with talent, ability and gifts to touch lives in such positive ways.

Look in the mirror, HONESTLY. And say to yourself, ‘Is this who I am? Is this what I want? And most importantly, Is this what God and my family want to see me as?'” Read the rest here.

Oh how we wish Charlie would send a letter back to Michael. The comparisons drawn between Lindsay and Sheen are interesting and we are sure multi-millionaire Charlie will embrace the similarities.

The interesting point about “Saint Michael” is that he still finds himself in trouble quite often, whether he’s selling naked pictures of his girlfriend on the Internet or being accused of domestic assault against women.

Michael – once you have gotten your act completely together, you might try living a normal life and come to realize that celebrities probably won’t ever be turning to you for words of wisdom. Just saying…