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Michael Brea, a bit-part actor on Ugly Betty, hacked his mother to death with a 3-foot sword early Tuesday in her Brooklyn, NY home.

Yannick Brea, 55, was killed by her deranged son who, according to a neighbor, screamed “Sinner! Sinner! You never accepted Jesus!”

Neighbors, who made three 911 calls in four minutes, tried frantically to get police to kick in the door of the victim’s home. The building owner gave four officers permission to break down the front door. Instead police stood outside for an hour, even leaving the scene at one point.

The deranged assailant, 31, took the ceremonial sword with him after attending a Masons meeting late Monday night. Neighbors woke Tuesday to the sound of him bellowing a “fire and brimstone” diatribe while his mother’s blood-curdling screams could be heard in the background.

Brea, who was carried from the scene on a stretcher, told police and medical personnel that he saw the Devil, and that the Devil was somehow in his mother. He is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

The church-going mother’s body was found in a kneeling position in the apartment. Listen to eye witness accounts after the jump.

More photos and a sky diving video of Brea below:

Photos: Nicastro News, Maisel News