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Police switchboards were flooded with reports of a streaking fireball in the night sky throughout the Midwestern states last night. The phenomenon was witnessed by residents in Northern Wisconsin on Wednesday shortly after10:00 p.m. Sights were also reported in Northern Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri.

According to the National Weather Service, the intensely bright light could have been a large meteorite. It traveled from west to east and was visible for about 15 minutes before it broke up prior to reaching the horizon. Some people reported hearing sonic booms. Others reported that their homes, trees, and wind chimes shook as the object passed overhead.

The NWS said that there is a meteor shower called Gamma Virginids that is visible from April 4 to April 21, with peak activity on Wednesday and Thursday. If you missed last night’s show, you have another opportunity tonight,.

Check it out on video below: