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It didn’t take the producers of Inferno long to replace Lindsay Lohan. Actress Malin Akerman will play porn star Linda Lovelace in the biopic.

Director Matthew Wilder announced yesterday that by mutual agreement, Lilo bailed on the project because it was no longer a good fit. While waiting for the troubled actress to get her personal life in order, it seems likely that film executives had a fallback plan that they were quickly able to put into place.

The Swedish-Canadian musician and actress, 32, has ten films under her belt since appearing in 27 Dresses in 2008 — including The Proposal, Couples Retreat, Watchmen and The Heartbreak Kid.

Malin met her husband, Italian musician Roberto Zincone, while performing for the band the Petalstones.

More Malin pics below:

Lohan Promo Photos – Inferno

Photo: WENN; PicApp