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Lois Feldman of Carroll, Iowa was enjoying a one sided college football game (55-0) between her beloved Iowa Hawkeyes and the Minnesota Gophers last weekend when she suddenly opted to engage in a quickie sex romp with a stranger in the Minneapolis Metrodome men’s room and “ruined her life.”

The 38 year old fan and mother of three attended the game with her husband, who declined an invitation to accompany his wife to the restroom. She set off on her own and the next thing she knew, she was being thrown around by police officers in a handicap stall of the men’s bathroom after engaging in sex with a 26 year old stranger while more than a dozen people cheered them on.

The male half of the impromptu liaison was identified as Ross Walsh of Linden, Iowa. He was at the game with his girlfriend, who took him home after police released him to her. Feldman used a fictitious name but police were able to track down her husband in the facility and released her to him. It was probably a long ride back to Iowa for both couples.

The newly bonded ‘odd’ couple were each charged with misdemeanor indecent conduct. Luke Huck, the first police officer on the scene, described them as upset, intoxicated and uncooperative. The offense could result in a fine and a 60 day jail sentence.

Lois calls her behavior uncharacteristic and believes she was drugged. Her husband blames himself for not realizing she was too intoxicated to head off to the bathroom on her own. She was subsequently fired from her job as an administrator at a Carroll retirement home. That bombshell was dropped on her yesterday.

Feldman, who describes herself as a light drinker, has consulted an attorney, Jeff Minnich, who believes she should fight the charges because she has no recollection of what took place and therefore is not responsible for her actions. Minnesota law states that intoxication is not a defense for any crime.

We’ve managed to locate a photo of Lois Feldman. Check it out below – click for full view.