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Lydia Hearst and Lindsay Lohan

It looks like the producers of Dogs In Pocketbooks may be headed for a fight over the new biopic, a thinly veiled portrayal of Lindsay Lohan‘s life.

The Lohan family has contacted high-profile lawyer Stephanie Ovadia to deal with the matter. She is the very same legal eagle who fought for and won a bundle for Lohan earlier this year over a commercial that used the celebs’ first name for their ‘milkaholic baby’ commercial.

Dogs in Pocketbooks weaves the tale of a young celebrity caught up with alcohol, cocaine, reckless driving, failed rehab attempts and a failed movie career. Sure does sound like Lilo…

Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan said, “It is definitely based on Lindsay’s likeness. We have a very strong case. It’s shadowing E*TRADE.”

E*TRADE Milkaholic Baby Video

Heiress Lydia Hearst is set to play the role of the Lindsay-like character and we must say– they do have an uncanny resemblance. Coincidence? Not likely.

Dina added that “anyone bringing negativity will be dealt with accordingly.” No word on what Michael Lohan has to say about this particular matter.