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Lisa Rinna is a lover, not a fighter …

It didn’t take long for Lisa Rinna to get the boot on the NBC reality show Celebrity Apprentice 4. Instrumental in orchestrating her early demise were team bullies Star Jones and Dionne Warwick.

Backbone and ASAP were tasked with creating a book for children in the 4-5 year-old age group. They were also required to put on a costume play to tell their story to a group of kiddies, including Don Trump Jr’s young family.

The men, led this week by Meatloaf, wrote Bullies Never Win, using Lil Jon as their central character and Jose Canseco as his frumpy teacher. Their school-themed storyline included a rap song “I know my ABCs and my 1-2-3s.” They ended their play by pelting the audience with a shower of glitter that reportedly frightened some of them.

ASAP coerced the decidedly reluctant Lisa Rinna into taking on the role of leading the storybook task, promising to have her back. Dionne Warwick, Star Jones and NeNe Leakes made her life miserable from the get-go. Clearly overwhelmed with the task and totally intimidated by her she-devil team mates, it was a rocky ride.

Their book, Why Can’t I Roar, was developed during a difficult brain storming session and then turned over to Warwick and Jones to write and illustrate. The diva’s all but demanded that their names appear on the cover, but Rinna dug in her heels and nixed the idea — opting instead to give the entire team credit.

ASAP’s play had Latoya Jackson dressed as the timid lion and the others dressed as forest animals. Lisa greeted the audience and read the story while her team acted out the scene. Marlee Matlin, who is profoundly deaf, used American sign language to tell the story with her hands.

Back in the boardroom it was determined that Backbone’s book would be published and the proceeds donated to Meatloaf’s charity. It turned out that the judges, including Holly Robinson Peete, very much enjoyed Lisa Rinna’s role in reading ASAPs story to the children, but found the book theme to be too sophisticated for kids, and felt the small book font would be extremely difficult for children to read.

Rinna brought Dionne and Star back into the boardroom but failed to capitalize on the fact that they claimed full ownership of the book and therefore were responsible for the loss. Instead she talked about how mean they were — which didn’t win her any sympathy from Trump.

Donald did give her a glowing review of her new, thinner lips. She underwent reduction surgery just before Celebrity Apprentice 4 began taping in October 2010. The real estate mogul went on and on about how much he disliked the plumped up version she once sported.

Rinna is the second contestant to leave the show. During last week’s premiere, David Cassidy had the ultimate disgrace of being the first to go.

See the book presentations and Lisa getting the boot on video below:

Photos: NBC