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Lindsay Lohan had been slated to appear in the movie The Manson Girls, detailing the crimes of convicted killer Charles Manson. The actress has apparently had a change of heart. Rumors were running rampant that she was being axed from the role because the other actors in the film didn’t want to work with the celeb.

Lohan’s rep Leslie Sloane, said that the star was interested at one point in doing the Manson movie and went on to tell Reuters:

Unfortunately (the Manson movie) didn’t come together quickly enough, and she was offered other roles, which she accepted and is looking forward to doing.”

The first project that we will be able to see the young actress in will be the hit ABC show Ugly Betty. Lohan has signed on to appear in six episodes. Another project coming up for Lohan is a film called Labor Pains, produced by Rick Schwartz. In the film Lohan pretends she is pregnant in hopes of saving her job.

This seems like it would be the right time to show the producers and other big wigs in Hollywood that she is trying to get her career back in order and is able to stay sober and arrive on time for her commitments. It wouldn’t hurt if she discontinued her latest practice of coat stealing either.