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Things are obviously going very well for actress Lindsay Lohan at UCLA Medical Center, where she is currently in rehab. LiLo entered the facility on August 2nd for court mandated treatment, and if the latest reports are accurate, she could be released as early as this week!

Lindsay’s early release hinges upon a final report and recommendation by the doctors. Word has it her problems are not as severe as they initially thought. Doctors have definitely ruled out bipolar disorder.

As far as her addiction issues, the medical professionals feel that inpatient treatment is no longer necessary and it is appropriate for Lohan to transition to an outpatient program.

Once the final report is completed by the doctors, Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley will take the information to the new judge on the case and present the findings. It is very typical for a judge to follow through with the recommendation of medical professions.

It seems clear that the behind the scenes manipulation of the situation by Judge Marsha Revel, who has since been pulled from the case, has given Lohan’s legal team all the wiggle room they need to spring Lindsay early. Is it in her best interest? With enablers like Dina Lohan waiting in the wings, we think not and fear for LiLo’s recovery.

Lohan’s mom sat down with Matt Lauer last week on the Today Show, and it was obvious that she is in as much denial as her daughter. Watch the video here.

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