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You can’t keep this girl down. Lindsay Lohan is sporting her SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet, checking in nightly with her probation officer, and still finding time to hit the clubs. She was photographed at Las Palmas in L.A. Thursday night.

The photo above would indicate that our girl is sipping a Vitamin water beverage. We can’t help but wonder how she is doing now that alcohol is forbidden and she can only take two prescription medications: Adderall and Ambien. One is for her ADHD and the other because she can’t sleep.

According to those present, she was giggling and chain-smoking, and basically trying to be the center of attention by dancing around her table while singing along to Britney Spears tunes.

Instead of the little micro-mini dresses that LiLo is fond of, she has been wearing baggy legged jeans and pants — but not for long. She has put out an urgent plea to CHANEL. She is looking to have them trick out her SCRAM anklet so she can be fashionably chic while showing off her legs in a dress. The actress “tweeted”:

More photos below, including her new Inferno poster and Linda Lovelace poses:

Photos: WENN, Twitter screen shot