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After learning that she would not be arrested upon her arrival at LAX, Lindsay Lohan returned to Los Angeles at 7:00 p.m. PT Saturday night. Dina Lohan told reporters on Friday that it was her daughter’s legal team who cautioned her not to return to California until they had gotten a judge to nullify an arrest warrant.

Lindsay, who partied like a rock star at the Cannes Film Festival, was provided additional airport security and was able to bypass the majority of waiting photographers who were eager to capture the troubled ‘celeb’ upon her return to the U.S. Dressed in black, including sunglasses and a hat, she was shepherded to a waiting vehicle and was promptly whisked away.

She is due in court on Monday to give Judge Marsha Revel a status report on her court mandated alcohol education classes. She had until last Thursday to complete the course and appear before a judge to verify her compliance. She was a no show in court, claiming that her passport had been stolen.

Dina told reporters that LiLo plans to attend classes on Sunday and will be in compliance by court time on Monday. Judge Revel has postponed a planned vacation to oversee tomorrow’s hearing.

Check out more photos of Lindsay at LAX, and the judge’s comments on the video below:

Photos: video screen shots