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Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox was swift in revoking Lindsay Lohan‘s bail and ordering her back to jail early Friday morning, September 24, 2010.

Lilo was immediately handcuffed, loaded into an unmarked squad car and transported, with a police escort, back to Century Regional Detention in Lynwood.

The judge set a court date of October 22, 2010 to rule on the probation violation issues in the case. Lindsay will remain in custody for the next month with no opportunity for early release.

When she appears before His Honor next month, Lohan will be sentenced for failing two court ordered drugs test. She tested positive for cocaine and a controlled substance, rumored to be the amphetamine Adderall.

It seems likely the actress will be ordered back to inpatient rehabilitation. Her previous stint lasted a mere two weeks before those overseeing her treatment determined that she would be better served on an outpatient basis.

Lohan won a significant settlement from E*Trade earlier this week.

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More court photos and video coverage below:

Photos: WENN