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Glee star Lea Michele is at it again. The actress made waves in October on the cover of GQ and now she’s showing a great deal of cleavage in the March issue of Cosmopolitan.

Lea’s skin-tight black top with deep plunging v-neckline is sending a message that many think is totally inappropriate for the young teens that gravitate to all things associated with the FOX hit about a high school vocal club.

There was a firestorm of protest when she and a co-star showed up in the GQ photo shoot wearing scanty panties. There is likely to be more fallout with the new Cosmo cover.

The actress plays a teen but is actually 24 — more than old enough to show some skin. Grumbling parents of tweens and young teens see it differently. Many believe the racy antics of Lea, who portrays a “good girl”, send a mixed messages that can be confusing to kids who soak this stuff up like a sponge.

Following the GQ issue, actress Dianna Agron was the most apologetic about provocative images. Lea didn’t have much to say on the subject.

Sexy GQ Photo Spread

Check out a photo of the clean cut and decidedly fresh-faced cast of Glee after the jump: