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The man who filed a lawsuit against Eva Longoria Parker for a minor car wreck last week says he will drop the suit if the Desperate Housewives star will take the blame and apologize.

Roman Gasparyan claims in court docs filed Tuesday that Longoria Parker wasn’t paying attention behind the wheel of her BMW X5 when she “made a sudden lane change into the median lane.” That’s where the plaintiff, who was also driving a BMW X5, was about to make a left turn. Instead, the two Beamers swapped paint.

Gasparyan is seeking unspecified damages for mental anguish as well as back and neck pain he claims to have suffered.

“Mr. Gasparyan is not here for the money. He’s here for justice and Mr. Gasparyan puts this proposal to Ms. Longoria that if she admits to this accident, that she’s at fault, and that she apologises publicly to Mr. Gasparyan for causing him an injury and damages, we will dismiss this lawsuit,” Gasparyan’s lawyer told TMZ on Wednesday.

“We want everyone to know that Mr. Gasparyan wants justice and the truth to come out of this matter. We will give Ms. Longoria until tomorrow to respond to our offer.”

Longoria Parker’s rep says of the lawsuit, “There is absolutely no truth to this claim, and any indications to the contrary are completely false and untrue. Longoria made no sudden turn, did not violate any traffic violations nor did she make any sudden lane changes.

“The other driver is clearly trying to make a case where there is none. All charges are frivolous, without merit, and will not hold up in a court of law.”