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Fans of Lauryn Hill have been waiting patiently for her return to music. The singer went on a hiatus after suffering what many believe was a mental breakdown, and since 2000 has pretty much been missing in action. She has been popping up again lately, even performing at a few festivals across the country.

Does this mean that Lauryn Hill is back? It could. In the past she has been known to get her fans hopes up only to let them down.

The singer has a new song on the Billboard Hot 100, her first appearance back on the charts in ten years. The song popped up on the Internet last month and has been making its rounds.

The last time Hill was on the Billboard chart was in 1999 for her song Turn Your Lights Down Low. Whether she plans to rejoin the Fugees remains to be seen, but fans are happy with the little bit of music that has been recently released.

Hill is scheduled to perform at the “Rock the Bells” concert this weekend in L.A.

Check out Lauryn’s latest single “Repercussions” below: