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Larry King and marriage just do not mix. Today the talk show host filed for divorce from wife number seven Shawn Southwick. The couple, who are 26 years apart, married in 1997 and have two kids. Larry is requesting joint custody of the children.

According to sources, the reason listed for the split in the official court documents is ‘irreconcilable differences’. It is also being reported that the couple recently got into a huge argument over infidelity which resulted in the filing for divorce. So who was cheating? Allegedly Larry King! Now that’s a little shocking!

Shawn Southwick has had addiction issues in the past. She entered rehab nearly two years ago, reportedly for an addiction to pain killers – details here.

According to Larry’s lawyer, Susan Carter, “It’s a very sad day in Larry’s life and he hopes the divorce will be amicable.” Of course he hopes the divorce will be amicable! King is worth a ridiculous amount of money and his wife could get a lot of it regardless of a prenuptial agreement and especially if the cheating accusations are true. She is the mother of his children and that alone will guarantee a healthy income.

Although Shawn is Larry’s 7th wife, he actually has been married eight times. After divorcing one of his previous wives, King remarried her years later and divorced her again.

We get the feeling that Larry will be just fine — after all, he’s been down this road before.

See more photos and video of the couple in February below:

Photos: WENN