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It is official. Britney Spears has been dethroned from the top spot on Twitter. The new Queen of Twitter is Lady Gaga. She posed for a few new Twitpic’s and made a quick video from her dressing room during a Friday night show, thanking all of her “little monsters.”

Actually the top spot on Twitter isn’t secure just yet, and has gone back and forth all weekend. As we write this post, Lady G is ahead by a narrow margin of less than 20,000 followers: 5,715,514 for Team Gaga to 5,696,132 for Team Brit.

Don’t expect Spears fans to turn the other cheek in defeat. Brit is currently filming an episode of Glee … quite possibly just what she will need to generate a new crop of followers that will put her back on the top perch? Stay tuned…

Check out more Lady G photos and the thank you message to her little monsters :