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Despite Kristen Stewart‘s claim that her tryst with married director Rupert Sanders was a “momentary indiscretion,” sources are saying the affair went on for months before it became public.

Pictures have emerged of the two looking cozy in a restaurant in Berlin on May 15, and Rupert’s wife, Liberty Ross, believes the affair began during the filming of “Snow White and the Huntsman” last year.

“It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week” says Liberty’s younger brother, Leopold.

Sources close to Stewart claim the affair may have stemmed from her jealousy over boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s friendship with his “Remember” co-star, Emilie de Ravin. Robert and the former “Lost” actress remained friends after filming in 2009, and Kristen “found it difficult to cope with Robert being close friends with another woman.”

“Nothing romantic ever happened between them but it didn’t make Kristen feel any better about them being so close. Emilie was at a very low ebb. She was going through a split and she and Robert made one another laugh,” says a source.

Pattison moved out of the Hollywood home he shared with Stewart just days after a series of photos surfaced of the actress and her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director making out in various spots in Los Angeles on July 17.

Kristen has also vacated the residence and despite a very public apology, Robert is refusing to speak to her, which is a serious concern for Twilight bosses who are releasing the final movie in the saga in the fall.

“There’s serious concern about the promotional tour, which is set to kick off in October. Robert won’t see Kristen and is refusing to do any joint personal appearances with her. This is a potential nightmare for all involved.”

Stewart and Pattinson are also scheduled to be co-presenters at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6.

UPDATE: According to PEOPLE magazine, quotes from the British newspaper The People (not affiliated with PEOPLE magazine) attributed to the brother of Liberty Ross were fabricated, however, editors for The People stand by their story.

Regardless, Stewart and Pattinson certainly look chummy in these photos taken May 15th in Berlin.

More photos below.

More photos of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

photos: WENN