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Kris Humphries has reconnected with Myla Sinanaj, the same woman who claimed earlier this summer that she was pregnant with his child.

A videographer hanging out near Myla’s home Monday captured footage of the two entering her residence and exiting the next morning.

Myla testified during a recent deposition for the Kardashian-Humphries divorce action that she and Kris are just friends.

She also confirmed that she was never pregnant with his child and that Humphries never discussed the status of his pending divorce.

According to the TMZ film guy who was camped out in front of the Sinanaj’s residence, the NBA power forward’s car was parked outside her Rutherford, New Jersey home Monday night and they left the property together the next morning. Busted…

Humphries is so awkward … as seen in the video:

Photo Credit: TMZ Video Screen Grab