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Kim Kardashian better get ready to once again feel the wrath of teen girls everywhere. The starlet recently spent some time in the Bahamas with teen sensation Justin Bieber. The meeting was purely professional, they were doing a photo spread for Elle magazine. Kim, 29 and Justin 16, are nothing more than friends, obviously, but that isn’t stopping his fans from getting upset.

Kardashian tweeted a picture of her messing up the singer’s signature hairstyle and that pic caused a rukus! The reality TV star has received death threats in the past for having Bieber Fever and now it has started all over again.

When the two met at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Bieber tweeted a picture, calling Kim his girlfriend, something his fans did not appreciate.

Bieber followers began harassing Kardashian via Twitter, until Justin reassured them that he and Kim K were only friends. We can’t help but think that the two of them being photographed together is pure genius. After all, they ARE a match made in media heaven. We just hope for Kim’s sake, she beefs up her security. Those ‘tweeners’ can be ruthless.

Kardashian seems to want to kill them with kindness. Her current Twitter status reads, “I love u too sweetie pie.” This was in response to a Bieber fan who called her names and threatened to kill her.

More pictures and a video below:

Photos: WENN, Twitter pics