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Kid Rock is deeply disappointed with legendary rocker Steven Tyler‘s decision to be a judge on American Idol. He shared some strong opinions about what he considers a lightweight singing contest and the Aerosmith frontman who signed on for Season 10.

The Southern rock star will appear on Piers Morgan (9pmET/PT) Thursday night. His pre-taped interview covers Detroit, Iraq and Steven Tyler’s latest career move.

Rock isn’t a fan: “I thought it was a bad move. He’s one of the most credible rock singers in American history. I don’t agree with the premise of the show.”

Morgan reminded Kid that 30 million people tune in for the hit show. The singer’s response: “The last time I checked there’s 300 million people in America, and I’d like to talk to the 270 million that don’t watch that b******t.”

Season 10 of American Idol has turned into a love fest thanks to Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Neither musician can stomach the thought of ruining the dreams of this latest crop of Idol hopefuls. Even Randy is caving under the pressure. Simon Cowell may have been harsh, but his criticism and recommendations for improvement were usually spot-on.

We’ve got a few questions: Is Kid Rock off base with his criticism? Has Idol morphed into a lightweight talent contest?

Check out a gallery featuring Tyler and his eclectic look, and watch Kid’s interview below:

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