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It has been a long time in coming but country music sensation Kenny Chesney has finally opened up about his four month marriage to actress Renee Zellweger.

Admitting that he could not commit to marriage and his music career, Kenny didn’t know what marriage really meant and more to the point, what it meant to be thrust into the media spotlight. He claims that he really lived under the radar until he wed Renee back in 2005.

Reports claimed that Kenny was blindsided when Zellweger filed for divorce. Not so, says Chesney. Somebody had to do it and he knew it was coming and he was “fine with it.”

“My band, my crew, everybody on the road – they were acting differently. I’d go to a concert and there would be helicopters circling, trying to get a picture of me and her together. I never really had any kind of attention from the paparazzi . It went from zero to the complete other end of the spectrum…I thought it would be like that all the time…I panicked…I ran…I pushed her away…I didn’t want to be married to her anymore.”

Chesney said that he hasn’t spoke to Renee in over a year and the last time he called her they spoke for only 5 minutes. He said it’s just too hard.

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