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Katie Holmes will end her starring role in ‘Dead Accounts’ on Broadway far earlier than planned due to sluggish ticket sales.

After preview performances the show officially opened on Nov. 29. The stage production was slated to run until the end of February but will go dark on Jan. 6, six weeks ahead of schedule.

The former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actress recently got a laugh when she told David Letterman about flubbing her lines.

She recalled, “I have this kind of big speech in the second act and it’s pretty important because it goes along with the theme of the show. I said the first line and I’m looking at Judy Greer, and I’m supposed to be angry with her, and then the second line – I didn’t remember. I knew the point of it so I made my way there.”

According to producer Jeffrey Finn, “We are all sad to see Dead Accounts end on Broadway. I look forward to working with this remarkably talented cast and creative team again very soon.”

Check out the flub discussion on video:

Photos: WENN