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There seems to be some bad blood between Playboy founder Hugh Hefner‘s former girlfriends Karissa Shannon and Kendra Wilkinson. Shannon is back in the public eye because of a sex tape that she made with Heidi Montag, and now she plans to shake things up some more by exposing a few of Kendra’s secrets.

Karissa is writing a tell-all book and in a recent interview spoke about her not-so-great relationship with Kendra: “She has always been really jealous of me. It seems like she always has negative things to say. I think it has a lot to do with having the baby – maybe she’s a little bit more insecure about her weight and her relationship with her husband now that her ex-boyfriend released a sex tape of her.”

Referring to Wilkinson’s book Sliding Into Home, Shannon said that she obviously left out some sordid details in her tell-all. “Kendra is definitely scared. I am sure she wishes she could go back into her book and explain some more things now.”

What is it exactly that Karissa plans to expose? She will talk about Kendra’s partying and claims that she saw things that nobody would believe.

We wonder what Hugh will have to say about all of this. It seems odd that his girlfriends, past and present, would be allowed to speak openly about what occurred behind the mansion walls. We’ve heard more than once that confidentiality agreements are required.

Check out Shannon and her boyfriend Sam at Millions of Milkshakes below:

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