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Bieber madness in the UK …

Hundreds of teenage girls surrounded the Beatles-themed Hard Day’s Night hotel in Liverpool on Thursday, where pop star Justin Bieber and his people are staying in $1,500 a night accommodations. Police warned the teen heartthrob and his entourage to stay away from the windows and balcony because they fear a riot.

The Biebs, who is town to perform at Liverpool’s ECHO Arena Friday night, took to his Twitter page to calm the gathering crowd. He ‘tweeted’: “This is crazy. There are like thousands of people out there. Love everybody but gonna try and get some sleep. Please don’t scream, lol.”

Officers cordoned off surrounding streets and have surrounded the hotel with a 25-officer human barricade.

The throng of approximately a thousand screaming fans is not something the hotel manager has ever experienced. Mike Dewey said: “The police are managing the situation. I feel a bit sorry for the people around the hotel, but for the majority of girls outside, they are having a great time. He’s easily the biggest star we have had here for years.”

View another crowd photo and video after the jump:

Photos: WENN