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The thief of Justin Bieber‘s laptop has opened a new Twitter account and started leaking video online, promising to leak incriminating footage at noon today.

Using the Twitter handle “@gexwy, the thief began taunting Bieber on Twitter, leaking two of the videos from the stolen laptop last night, tweeting, “Good job with the password protected @justinbieber. weak,” engaging the singer in a Twitter feud.

Bieber shot back with, “@gexwy no matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong.”

“haha. that is what u think. we will see tomorrow at NOON. last chance,” @gexwy responded.

“TOMORROW. u’ve been warned. should of listened @justinbieber,” the thief continued, adding a message to the Beliebers, “and the rest of u can just shutup. u have no idea what i have and when u see tomorrow u will feel different.”

The thief then leaked a third video clip to Perez Hilton, which shows the Biebs splashing around in a pool surrounded by a bevy of beauties at a “wild pool party” and plans to tweet the entire video Friday at noon, claiming the footage is “super scandalous.”

Bieber doesn’t seem concerned with what may be on the video, tweeting links from around the internet regarding the story, and using the hashtag #noon.

Well, it’s almost noon…

UPDATE: So, the stolen laptop story was a hoax, and Justin Bieber has punk’d us all. The hoax was a clever marketing campaign for the release of his “Beauty and a Beat” video with Nicki Minaj.

“since i was 14 i have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dyi8ng again, to stuff about my family…” Justin tweeted Just before noon.”

Adding a few posts by “gexwy,” Bieber then follows up with “so to all of you… enjoy. let’s go for the 10 million mark! Me, @NickiMinaj – this is #BEAUTYandaBEAT.”

Well played Biebs. Well played.

Watch the “leaked” videos and “Beauty and a Beat” below.