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Julia Louis-Dreyfus was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday for her contributions to the broadcast television industry.

In a humorous twist, her name was misspelled on the star. The error was discovered by CNN Entertainment Senior Producer David Daniel, who happened to be walking by as workmen were doing last minute cleanup prior to the ceremony that was set to begin in four hours.

The CNN producer told the workers that Luis should actually be Louis and a hyphen was also missing. What he saw read Julia Luis Dreyfus. Before he continued on his way, David Daniel snapped a photo on his BlackBerry, and resumed his walk to work. The moment he got to his office, he called Ana Martinez-Holler, the press rep for the Walk of Fame.

Ana was able to pull together a temporary fix for the star. Workmen chiseled out Luis and added Louis- . The rework wasn’t smooth and shiny like the rest of the star but would have to do until it could be redone properly. The kicker is that the comedic actress thought it was funny and was sorry they had altered it. She even made a call to the CNN producer and chatted it up with him about his ‘catch’ — making his day.

Dreyfus will be given the ‘Luis’ that was chiseled out of the stone as a keepsake. Only one other five pointed star was misspelled out of the 2000 that now adorn the sidewalks at the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Avenue. That star belongs to Dick Van Dyke. Four stars have been stolen over the years, belonging to: James Stewart, Kirk Douglas, Gene Autry, and Gregory Peck.

On hand to help her commemorate the momentous occasion were many of the cast members from her hit CBS show The New Adventures of Old Christine. Former colleagues from Seinfeld included co-creator Larry David and Jason Alexander.

Julia is the first Seinfeld alum to receive the Walk of Fame honor.

More photos and video from the ceremony and Julia telling Ellen DeGeneres all about on her show below:

Photos: WENN

Misspelled Star: CNN’s David Daniel BlackBerry