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What an odd match up this is. A-list actor Jude Law and rocker Rod Stewart‘s daughter Kimberly Stewart were seen making out in the VIP section at the 915 Nightclub in Epping, Essex.

The other guests at the nightclub were shocked when they went into the VIP room, expecting to see such stars as Jodie Marsh or Michael Greco but when they saw Jude and Kimberly going at it they couldn’t believe it and said the pair barely came up for air. Guests were so excited to have an A-list star at the club that they even went up to Jude asking for photos and were told no.

Deciding to take photos worked out well for a fan, even though two bodyguards took the camera and brought it to Jude so he could delete all the pictures. The crafty photographer brought his camera to an expert who was able to retrieve the photos from the memory card.

Check them out here.