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Josh Duhamel and Fergie leaving Billboard Awards…

Josh Duhamel found the skies anything but friendly on Thursday night after he got into a battle of wills with a flight attendant and ended up being escorted off the plane.

The actor attended the Billboard Women in Music Awards in Manhattan with his wife Fergie earlier in the evening. He then boarded a US Airways flight at La Guardia bound for Kentucky. The flight was delayed while they sat on the tarmac in NYC. He fired up his BlackBerry and sent a text message despite being told three times previously by a male attendant to turn off the device.

The pilot was notified and taxied back to the gate where the 38-year-old passenger was escorted from the flight by two airline officials who boarded the plane to fetch the wayward celeb.

On Friday Duhamel’s rep explained: “He’s sorry.”

Earlier this year comedian Kevin Smith was removed from a flight after being told he was too fat to fly.