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Temporary gig …

Jon Cryer, currently on an extended hiatus from Two and a Half Men, snagged himself a temporary gig working for comedian Ellen DeGeneres … or so it would seem from a video clip that aired today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Leave it to the talk show host to showcase the Charlie Sheen co-star in such a manner that he gets the laughs without throwing ‘Mr. Winner’ under the bus.

Cryer filmed a spoof video suggesting that his pal Ellen had come to the rescue of the displaced actor with a job offer. Clearly pleased with the way her new employee had taken to his new role, DeGeneres remarks: “You really do good work. You do the work of two-and-a-half men.”

Jon recently stuck his neck out with some interesting comments during a guest appearance with Conan O’Brien, but has remained silent since the show went dark.

Check out the humorous parody showing Cryer fielding phone calls behind the reception desk at Ellen’s studio: